Tips for Scanning your Document as PDF

This is not a complete instructions but gives you some idea about scanning a document.

(1) Using Free Software which comes with Printer ...


When you buy a printer with flatbed scanner, it comes with a CD that contains a multi-purpose software suite that allows you, among many other things, to scan documents and save it as a format of your choice, such as PDF. This sofware is usually set up during the process of installing printer/scanner driver. If not, please see your manual for detail and instruction. 

This is a snapshot of HP printer "Solution Center".  

Choose Scan Document.

Choose File Type PDF.

Usually scanned documents are saved in MyScan or MyDocument folders in case of Windows.  You can change the location by clicking "Save to file Save Options ..." and choosing different folder to save the file in.

(2) Using Graphic Softwares such as Photoshop ...

From the file menu, choose the Import -> TWAIN device ( HP Officejet 5600 series TWAIN, in this case),  and just follow the instructions. Make sure that you save the document as PDF ( Save As -> PDF ).

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